OK, in most places, it’s not quite winter yet, but we’ve got to be prepared.

Some of us are a little paranoid of the cold. Not saying it’s me, but I just happen to know there are those people out there, dreading. Over the past few months we’ve amassed the best of the best winter gear new this year so that you can make the most-informed, most expert decisions when it comes to packing, gifting, styling, and surviving the harshest months this hemisphere’s got.

Feast your eyes on the warmest, snuggliest, stokingest, not-pokingest winterwear from around the world.

winter gear roundup

[Shall we start at the top left and move across? Yes, let’s shall.]

  1. Topo Designs x Giro Discord Topo Helmet  — This helmet is comfy, bright, and most-importantly keeps you ears warm and your noggin protected. It’s lightweight, slightly flexible, and you can easily snake headphones into those ear protectors for extra zonin’.

  2. Topo Designs x Giro Blok Top Goggles

  3. Airblaster Ninja Suit  — I admit that I wore this suit for about 48 hours (for science). It was actually that it was so warm and comfortable that  I couldn’t bring myself to take it off.

  4. Tikal Active Shell

  5. RedFox Quasar Jacket — RedFox, as a brand, is relatively new in this country, but their winter gear is putting it at the top of our list. It’s durable, waterproof, and the colors, duke, the colors.

  6. Cotopaxi Kusa Jacket

  7. Terry Split Mitt (read our review of this gift to cyclists everywhere)

  8. Ex Officio Ometti Trench (they also make great undies) — This coat is thin, light, but somehow still amazingly warm. You’ll need some layers if you want to wear this into snowy weather, but for drizzly, windy, late fall days this will keep you warm and looking so good. So many compliments. I prefer the eggplant color.

  9. Prana Uptown Pant – These pants are pleated in the front! Enough said. OK, I’ll go on. They look like cropped slacks, but they’re stretchy and they don’t wrinkle. These are great for travel when you’re not sure what the weather or the dress code will be. You could easily pair these with some fancy top and shoes for a cocktail shindig or wear with some hiking boots or to a trapeze class. Easily.

  10. Columbia Barlow Pass 550 Turbodown Jacket — Two words: silvery lining. The space-age lining of this coat makes the whole thing warm, eye-catching (in a sneaky way), and ready for your next expedition to the mountains or the moon.

  11. Woolrich Yankee Boot

  12. Mahabis Slippers — I’m an evangelist for these. The bottoms are detachable and replaceable and they come in different colors (collect-’em-all-style), and the tops are warm, wooly, and, with the neoprene heel, practically indestructible.

  13. Cozyna Coffee Grinder — This little gem is key if you want freshly-ground beans no matter where you are. It’s lightweight, sturdy, simply, easy-to-use, and inexpensive. Know a camping coffee hound? I bet you do. Consider this gadget of wonders.