Ask yourself, if you didn’t have to work anymore, what would you do with your days?

Breathe in fresh air for as many hours as possible. Wake up for sunrise.  Ski. Run. Hike. Backpack. Kayak. Sleep in a tent. Explore. Be with friends. Drink IPAs. Listen to music. Dance. Write. Make big dinners with people I love. Travel. Learn how to climb. Learn how to play an instrument.  Learn how to drive stick. Take lots of pictures. Spend time with my family. Go on adventures with my dog. Sit on decks and porches for hours at a time. Pile a bunch of friends in the car and drive somewhere awesome. Drink in the sunshine. Catch snowflakes on my tongue. Smile so hard my jaw hurts and my eyes close involuntarily.


Bake bread. Sing. Wear overalls. Keep my phone on airplane mode. Be honest. Create. Love. Be appreciative. Say it out loud. Meditate. Read books in comfy chairs. Snuggle. Laugh until my jaw hurts and my stomach cramps up. Wear fleece. Look at the stars. Climb mountains. Drive to new places. Get rosy cheeks. Wear beanies. Feel the tired warmth in the car on the way home after a day outside. Make someone’s day better. Experience the particular humor of children. Breathe fresh air. Braid my hair. Be as goofy as possible. Skip.  Embody Tyler Lorenzi’s spirit. Practice loving kindness.

Go fast and slow where it’s appropriate. Have long talks. Pick wild blueberries. Make people laugh. Cook on my stove. Make a fire. Sit around that fire with my favorite people and drink good beer. Wear mittens. Wear Chacos. Wear SmartWool socks. Wear those last two at the same time and look super cool doing it. Put on lotion that smells good. Listen to wind rustle leaves. Play in the snow. Lose myself in the moment. Do things that scare me. Break a sweat. Route find. Give great hugs. Trust the Universe. Persevere. Fall down and have a sense of humor about it. Let the gladness spill out.

Feel and express gratitude. Smile when my alarm goes off because I know it’s for a good reason. Have a picnic. Listen to live music outside. Speak Chilean Spanish. Appreciate the moment while it’s happening. Go uphill and downhill. Not think about how I look. Write in my journal. Reflect. Spend time alone in nature. Get to a great view and sit there way too long because I can’t pull myself away. Help other people. Sit on the ground. Eat food that makes my body feel good.

Watch the mountains turn from golden blue to smoky purple to shadowy charcoal and love every stage for its particular beauty. Be able to pull each item in my backpack out based on feel alone. Knead dough and let it be a therapeutic experience. Pull over to look at the view. Pee outside. Catch both 11:11s. Jump in alpine lakes and let the cold freshness wake up every cell in my body. Do things that make most other people say, “She’s crazy.” Chase runner’s and hiker’s and skier’s high. Go on hut trips. Make people feel good about themselves. Do things that challenge me. Sit on the dock. Lay in an innertube upside down and look out at the lake. Waterski. Talk long walks. Climb trees.

Highland Sunset

Make someone else’s day. Be optimistic and hopeful. Do what feels right. Reach for things. Not look away. Make new friends. Rack up scrapes and bruises. Use my Spork and Nalgene and thermos instead of disposable versions of those things. Drink peppermint hot chocolate. Communicate openly and honestly. Be generous. Fly, even for a few seconds. Longboard on a wide, flat, open road. Check things off my To-Do list. Feel the happiness well up in my chest.

Tell all the people in my life how amazing I think they are. Cry because I’m happy. Dangle my arm out the car window. Feel good about myself. Do things I didn’t think I could. Dream about the future and do the work in the present. Be still. Feel glad that I am a human alive in the universe. Yell “My heart hurts!” as I look at the beautiful things around me. Lean in.

Now, how many of those things could you do even if you did have to work every day?