You know how you read a really good book, and you want to become a better writer?

Or you watch someone speak eloquently, and you want to master your fear of public speaking? When I found the OG bag from Lo & Sons, it made me want to be a better packer. Usually while travel, I carry bags within bags within bags, awkwardly stuffed in illogical places. I spend most of my time en­route feeling like a disgruntled pack mule.

When I took my first trip with the OG, I had to hop on a train to see my grandmother in New York. My travel plans were unexpected. ­­ I hustled to get ready before I ran out the door.

Usually my thoughts would splatter in too many directions. I would end up with shaving cream but no toothpaste, fancy flats but no walking shoes. But the natural organization of the OG bag brought me into focus. With a space for each necessity, I honed in on what I truly needed. It felt like packing a little take­away home for myself, à la Hermione and her never­ending bag in Harry Potter. Everything I needed could fit in the OG’s tidy compartments. There was no way I was going to overpack. How could I ever mess up the natural order of something so beautiful?

Here’s what I fit in the OG:

  • Laptop
  • Hardcover book
  • Planner
  • Wallet
  • iPhone
  • Chargers
  • Pair of extra warm socks
  • Big travel sweater

The OG was effortless to carry as I trudged through Penn Station: lightweight, durable, and chic.

The leather straps never cut into my shoulders and distributed the weight evenly. My favorite attribute was the sleeve that fits over a luggage handle of a roller bag. There’s no doubt: the OG made me a better traveler.

Yes, this bag is a splurge, but it is a quality splurge. And for those of us adventurers who travel often for work or play, it may the best investment in ourselves. For once, I felt and looked like a lady who had her sh*t together.