[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]o join Miss-Fires, a women-only motorcycle group, you don’t have to have a license, a motorcycle, or even experience. You do, it seems, have to have a sense of humor.

Amended 5/6/14: You do need a license and a motorbike…see comment below. Thanks for the correction, Corinna!

The group formed about five months ago with the goal of making motorcycles less intimidating. With 31 members and growing, I think it’s working.

Photo Credit: Miss-Fires member Kristin

Corinna of The Miss-Fires. Photo Credit: Miss-Fires member Kristin

If you’re interested, you can find them at their clubhouse, Motorgrrl Garage in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, but now that the weather’s changing, I imagine they’ll be out, taking to the streets.

“It’s better than you-know-what,” laughs one of their members after a ride.

How much are motorcycles?

Read the March 30, 2014 New York Times article about the Miss-Fires, “Motorcycle Crew Has One Requirement, and It Isn’t a License.”