Isn’t it funny to think about how things in our everyday lives work … and how little we actually know? Ever wondered how that old car of yours keeps going? It all starts with the engine, which converts gasoline into motion through tiny explosions. Man, she’s been more of a trooper through all your travels than you realized. What about your favorite Snapchat filter? You can thank a mix of facial recognition technology and models in 3D space for it … yeah, even we admit that one’s a little over our heads.

But did you know there’s also advanced technology in some of your favorite products from The North Face®, Mountain Hardwear®, Outdoor Research® and Patagonia®? How does that beloved wear-it-everywhere gear and apparel hold up so well through all your washing, racing, scaling and sweating? Come closer and keep it down. We’re about to let you in on our durable little secret.

For over 50 years, CORDURA® fabric has been a key ingredient that helps keep your favorite outdoor gear, from bags and packs to jackets and shoes, durable and long-lasting. Sweltering heat? Frigid cold? Jagged rocks? Bring it on, mother nature. Our fabrics can take it. In fact, CORDURA® fabric is so durable that it’s used in uniforms by every branch of the U.S. military. So … thanks to the brave men and women who have put our fabrics to the test for many years, they are proven to stand up to the test of time. But that’s not all.

Our fabrics are put through the wringer and must pass our own stringent test criteria before they earn the CORDURA® brand name. Depending on the application and before going to market, we test for things like abrasion resistance, pilling, tear strength, UV fade and how the fabric will stand up to the good old washing machine. Take for example our denim fabric. We use a machine that rubs our CORDURA® Denim fabrics against sandpaper thousands of times to put durability to the test. Our CORDURA® Denims have the look, comfort and feel of traditional denim, but have exceptional abrasion resistance – 4 times that of comparable weight traditional 100% cotton denim fabric*. Here’s to helping keep your favorite jeans lasting longer!

We know what you’re thinking. CORDURA® fabrics sound all durable and tough. It’s OK, we get that a lot. But there’s a softer side to us, too. Many CORDURA® fabrics offer stretch, moisture wicking, temperature control and quick dry yet still remain as durable as ever. After all, who can be super girl when they’re super uncomfortable?

So now that you know why some of your products are long-lasting and have actually become a part of your family, you have a real reason to still carry around your JanSport® backpack even though you’ve been out of school for years … CORDURA® fabric. It’s just so darn durable!

So get out there and enjoy your next durable adventure. Take a hike in our 360° world and see for yourself how CORDURA® fabrics are helping your comrades Live Durable™ each day.

And be on the lookout for CORDURA® fabrics in your favorite durable products.

Cheers to you and all your Live Durable™ adventures!

*Martindale testing based on 13.75 oz denim fabric.

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Meet Ms. CORDURA® Brand

Cindy McNaull, Global CORDURA® Brand and Marketing Director, is the epitome of an adventurer, jet setting from Germany to Tokyo to NYC, representing CORDURA® brand. She has spent 10 years with CORDURA® brand and nearly 30 years in the textile industry.

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