Morning commutes have a reputation for being frustrating, long, dull—but not for filmmaker Jessie Markowitz.

But, then again, her commute is not what one might call typical. She lives in Gustavus, Alaska, a town of 443 residents, two paved roads, and only accessible by boat or plane. Like many of the people who live here, Jessi does not own a car. In order to get from her cabin to work she hikes down a trail, hops on her bike and rides for miles on dirt roads and trails. This short film documents a simple daily commute that contrasts sharply with the driving culture that is present in many parts of the U.S.

Commutes can be a hundred miles or five feet long. Indoors, outdoors. Walking, cycling, training, running, driving. We love this window into one. What’s your commute like?

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Jessi Markowitz is an adventure photographer/videographer and an avid outdoorswoman. She spends her summers guiding sea kayaking expeditions in Southeast Alaska and winters freelancing in Denver, Colorado. She always has a camera around her neck and often finds herself editing en route to her next adventure.

She focuses on minimizing her environmental impact and inspiring others to do the same through her films.