Terms for Online Contributors to Misadventures

Online contributors agree to have their work published on misadventuresmag.com without compensation. Misadventures compensates print contributors, but not online contributors.

Online contributors agree to have their work edited at the discretion of the Misadventures’ online editors. Any changes to those edits can be requested via email. Editors are happy to explain their edits. Edits are usually made for length and clarity.

Online contributors retain the rights to their work, meaning that they can republish pieces on personal blogs and portfolios and with other publications. If they wish to republish with another publication, they must alertMisadventures’ editors.

If another publication reaches out to Misadventures because they’d like to republish or share an author’s work, Misadventures agrees to contact the author for permission before proceeding. If payment negotiation from that outlet is required, that negotiation will be handled by the author, not Misadventures.

Photographs will be credited to the submitting author unless otherwise noted by the author at the time of submission.

If photos are submitted by the author, it is the responsibility of the author to obtain the necessary permissions and rights for those photographs, not Misadventures.

If any sort of legal suit is brought against an author for copyright violation, libel, etc., litigation and its associated costs will be the responsibility of the author, not Misadventures.

Misadventures retains the right to refuse submissions.

By submitting to misadventuresmag.com and by agreeing to be published online, authors are agreeing to the aforementioned terms. Any objection to these terms must be made prior to an author’s publication date.