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Mis­ad­ven­tures is an outdoor and adventure magazine by and for women. We’re not your typical magazine; each hefty issue (more of a journal style) offers 96 pages of incredible writing, photography, illustration, and design.

Here we’ve offered a real deal to order up two issues: Summer 2018 (The Landfall Issue–coming mid-June) and Winter 2017 (The Horizons Issue).

The Summer 2018 Issue (“The Landfall Issue”) features stories on island hopping by kayak in the San Juan Islands, preserving Hawaiian culture on Molokai, a pilgrimage to the monarch migration in Mexico, runners and advocates unite at Bears Ears and Grand Escalante-Staircase National Monuments to fight for public lands, becoming second-career park rangers in Oregon, a smokin’ hot campfire bibimbap recipe, female guides of the Inca trail, hunting as an African American woman, insider knowledge on sunscreen tips and tricks, paletas, book clubs, women pilots, gear, houseboats, sailing, and more!

The Winter 2017 Issue (“The Horizons Issue”) features an interview with conservationist and wildlife photographer Cristina Mittermeier, an essay about journeying to the eclipse, a primer on glaciology, an essay on becoming a pro skier later in life, a brief history of women in lumberjack competitions, a photo essay of the women surf community in Northern Canada, recipes galore, curated treasures, and much more.

Let’s be real, our magazines are like a small book, so they’re HEAVY. They do cost $ to ship, but once your order is complete, they’ll reach you in three days.

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