There’s no better feeling than peeling your water booties off after a long day of paddling or surfing and freeing the puppies. You see them regain color, lose the pruney look, and, well, start feeling like feet again.

The relief is 10-fold if you’ve squeezed your paws into a tiny play boat for hours, unsure if you’re still going to have toenails when you pull those booties off. Gross, but stay with me.

Like a lot of dirt bags who consider a day on a freshwater river the equivalent of a shower, I neglect my feet. Push them too many miles, force them into the bow of tiny boats, put socks over the blisters and just try to forget the gnarl. Does this sound familiar? No judgement here.

We don’t have to live this way. You can treat-yo-feet and have function too. Meet Astral’s Rosa flip flop. They’re crazy comfortable, durable, and nimble. Astral Designs is a company after my heart! They masterfully blend function and fashion in their high-performance footwear. Their water shoe, the Brewess, performs as amazingly dancing at an outdoor music festival as it does kayaking on the river. The Rosa is no exception to this mastery.

IMG_7659I’ve roamed all around Californy woods, beaches and riverbeds in these flops without slipping or sliding. The optional heel strap gives you freedom to climb, dance, and jump without losing your flops. The sole of the shoe is made with Astral’s Granite Grip Outsole which ensures you don’t lose your footing while standing on wet boulders or in the middle of rushing current. These rubberized soles are sticky as frogs feet.

They say you should dress for the job you want not the job you have — which is why I shamelessly wear these at the office where I work in San Francisco (because secretly I’ve always wanted to be a river guide/I’m a reluctant office worker).

As for style: do you like compliments? Because you’ll get them with these flip flops. Seriously, for years I put up with friends making fun of me for wearing pink Crocs. And while it was character-building for me, at a certain point, you just don’t want to sacrifice looking good for feeling good.

If you’re on a quest to make all of your technical gear pass seamlessly as everyday clothes then the Rosa is the flip flop for you.