Devin Logan is a North Face Athlete, but she’s not just any athlete—she’s a freeskier. Most people have entertained fantasies about flying, but Devin’s actually gotten pretty close. Here are a few Q’s and a few A’s with her to get you excited about the snow.

Do you remember when you first put on skis? What hooked you?

I don’t remember the exact time I put skis on for the first time but I vividly remember being six years old in the training center at Mount Snow where I grew up skiing, and it being my first time putting my ski boots on by myself in the locker room. It was my first year on the freestyle team and the whole team was suiting up and I couldn’t get my boots on. Of course, I asked my brothers for help and they did nothing to help and I started crying. Getting out on the hill with my friends made up for those tough mornings and that’s what originally got me hooked. I love just being able to be outside and hanging with my friends having a good time.

Most people will never do the things you do on skis—can you tell us what it’s like? What does it feel like? 

The feeling of landing a trick for the first time is such a high. You get a full adrenaline rush going through your body. Shaky legs, excitement, and the thought of why didn’t I do this sooner instantly comes to mind. It’s a feeling like no other and you just want more of it.

What’s been your biggest challenge this year? 

This year is a big year with the Olympics coming up in February. The biggest challenge would have to be just making the Olympic team for USA. They pick the team the year of the Olympics with 5 qualifying events from December through January. There are so many capable skiers to make it into just 3 or 4 spots given for each event. Trying to go for both halfpipe and slopestyle is also so difficult because I’m basically doubling everything everyone else is doing.

How did you become a pro athlete? Was there a crucial moment or decision that led you to where you are today?

Growing up following my brothers and all the other boys around the mountain they wouldn’t let me get away with anything. They really pushed me and my skills in skiing at a faster pace than most other girls. I really knew I had “it” when I was about 15 years old. I was winning all competitions around the east coast and knew I could really do something with skiing.

Do you ever get to hang out with the other North Face athletes? Seems like a cool crowd. 

Yes, I get the privilege of skiing with my team mates and other North Face athletes, Aaron Blunck and Maddie Bowman, all ski season. haha But seriously being a part of the The North Face team I have got the opportunity to meet incredible athletes that I wouldn’t have thought I ever would have in my life. It’s so inspiring being able to get together during athlete summits and share stories and just hang with each other. Even try to dabble in each other’s respective sports.

Do you prefer sunrise or sunset?

Sunset! Not usually up for sunrise.

What’s on your horizon? 

Waking up for more sunrises…. haha