Good news, everyone. Your wildest camping dreams are coming true. Someone has finally invented a treehouse tent.

Tentsile, a company that began in 2010 after the founder had a vision to “allow people to experience the magic of hanging out in trees,” has a few fantastic products: including the Tentsile Stingray and the Tentsile Connect. These contraptions mostly look like enclosed hammocks, because, well, that’s what they are. They’re enclosed hammocks. Wildly charming, enclosed tent tree-hammocks.

Tentsile Stingray. $650.

The Stingray model houses three people and includes a fly sheet, an insect-proof mesh roof, and (my favorite part) a floor hatch. The Connect is a two-person portable treehouse with the ability to attach to other Tentsile Connect tents. That’s right. You can make super camps with suspended communal space.

Tentsile Connect

Tentsile Connect ($450)


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