Okay, so if you’re like me, you’re in a slight panic about a few people on your gift-list who are hard to buy for. They are practical, wonderful, and they have everything, right?? Well, it might be time to throw in the towel and do something more creative. But, BUT, if you want one last-ditch list, lend me your ears. Here are some of the most solid outdoors offerings of the year that are sure to please almost everyone.

Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Ws

Got a shoe size? Good. These were our favorite boots of the year, and they’ll be just in time for winter stomping. Seriously, even someone who has the latest stuff will probably not have these yet, and what better way to round out a hiking arsenal that some high-quality all-weather trekkers. Order fast and get that quick-shipping going! We’re loving this electric teal — yowza.

Sierra Designs Whitney Dridown Jacket

This jacket rules, plain and simple. It’s thin, lightweight, extremely warm, and will keep you cozy when that snow turns into a wintry mix. We’ve tested it, and a little (or a lot) of water doesn’t get this thing soggy and thin. Somehow Sierra Designs did some magic and made a shoulder season jacket that we’ve kept wearing as the temperature drops — versatile. It’s got these great wrist liners that keep the cold out, it’s got a nice silhouette, and the color! Yes, it’s bright, but in the gray months a little sunshine is hardly unwelcome.

Basecamp All-Terrain Bocce

This classic campsite game got an update by our beloved crew at GSI Outdoors, and now it comes in a sleek carrying case and won’t weigh you down. It’s easy to play, slightly addictive, and just competitive enough. You’ll probably be playing it within the hour that this gift is — it’s just like that. They also made a horseshoes set and some other fun games for the gang. I would love to get this gift HINT HINT.

Santoku Knife Set

Okay, I know I’m double-dipping here, but I can’t help it. I tried to narrow it down, but I can’t leave this knife set off the list. It’s seriously cool, so well made, and the perfect thing for your show-offy camp chef. Who among us hasn’t cursed the darkness trying to cut an apple in a plastic bowl with a multi-tool? I dare you to speak up! Well, here we have a small, light, compact set of super sharp, packable knives and a foldable, tough cutting board. Prayers = answered. This is a great gift because it will go a long way and result in some delicious nights under the stars (the gift that keeps on giving!).

Good luck out there, misadventurers. We believe in you. When in doubt, just give a subscription to the magazine. Tried and true.