FemAle. Sweden is where it’s at.

I had the wonderful fortune of talking to Elin Carlsson of FemAle, the group that recently brewed Sweden’s first women-made beer, appropriately called, We Can Do It. I haven’t gotten a sample yet, but I imagine it is totally drinkable, with notes of oak and victory.


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What is FemAle and when did you come together?

FemAle is a social community, you can say, for women who are interested in beer and want to know more about such a great topic. I started FemAle one year ago with the vision of getting more women interested in beer. I started to arrange beer tastings and brewery visits and talks about beers and bars.

When you’re not brewing, what do you do? (You specifically, and the group)

We’ve only brewed one beer but we hope to brew more beers with different craft breweries. It’s a fun way to teach people about the brewing process.

What do you like? How do you see your preferences in relation to stereotypes about “beers that women like”?

I love all kinds of beer. From stouts to sour beers. And I think that people have lots of prejudices about what beer women like: “Women don’t like strong and dark beers, they like something fruity and pale and light.” That’s just so wrong! All the women I know like different kind of beers.

Do you have any advice for beer-drinking women visiting Sweden — where should we go? What should we do?

Sweden is a great  country for beer drinking women! In the big cities like Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö we have a lot of great pubs, breweries and restaurants to visit. One piece of advice is to check www.ratebeer.com to find the right place to drink good beer.

What’s next for FemAle?

For now we have two tastings planned and there will soon be more. And I really hope that we can brew a new beer soon as well.

Is there an international women’s brewing group? If not, there should be! What are your thoughts?

Yes! I know that the U.S. has some beer groups for women and I hope that more countries should join and do the same. It’s so much fun and you meet so many new people. New experiences!

What impact has all this publicity had on FemAle so far?

The thing I noticed the most is that the tastings get full pretty fast, and that is a great result. Now I can arrange so many more tastings and reach out to more people.

And in this interview, what would you like readers to learn about FemAle? Do you have any words of wisdom, or calls-to-action?

The first thing I can say is that there is no such thing as a “girly beer” and that all the women in the world should drink whatever they like!

The second thing is that there is a beer for everyone! With all the hundreds of kinds of beer everyone can find something that they like. The only thing you have to do is to dare to try new things.

I think that’s something I can get behind.