At Misadventures, we celebrate women every day—women who love the outdoors, who travel far and wide, who embrace adventure within and without—but in honor of International Women’s Day 2015, we’ve rounded up interviews of ours with ten especially inspiring misadventurers.

These women have been chained up at rallies, set world records, competed on Survivor, assisted with heart surgeries, dogsledded through the tundra, broken gender barriers, pursued their dreams, and changed the lives of those around them. They are exactly the sort of women International Women’s Day was designed to honor, and we’re thrilled to be able to spotlight them here at Misadventures.

So, without further ado—

Meet Ashley Lloyd Thompson, one of the few women in the world who shapes surfboards.


Photo Credit: 85Broads.comMeet Julia Landauer, racecar driver in hot pursuit of a NASCAR career: “When the visor goes down I’m in the zone, and nothing matters but what I’m doing in the car.”


Gaytri on her scooter. Photo Credit: Sarah ConnetteMeet Gaytri Sharma, whose determination to follow her own path has inspired women and girls throughout her home village in India, and beyond.


Belize. Photo: Matt StirnMeet Rebecca Sgouros, a real-life archaeologist: “Archaeology is such a stimulating field. It’s like solving mysteries! You have to find the clues and see what you can make out of it.”


I struggle to harness my lead dog, Ashley, for the first time. She is eager to run— with or without a sled behind her. (Photo by Håkan Wike for Fjällräven International. All rights reserved.)
Meet Alex Kalita, first-time dogsledder in the Fjällräven Polar, a 300-kilometer, week-long winter adventure through snowy Sweden and Norway.


Meet Floami Fly, up-and-coming emcee from Chattanooga, Tennessee: “I feel like there’s a serious dearth of representation [in hip-hop] of the real emotions that women feel….I’m not intentionally trailblazing. These are things that need to be talked about.”


Meet Kate Fulbright, environmental activist and filmmaker: “It isn’t just about the ecosystems, it’s about people.”


Jennifer Pharr Davis. Photo Credit: appoutdoors.comMeet Jennifer Pharr Davis, who holds the current record for fastest hike of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail: 46 days, 11 hours, and 20 minutes.


Chris Norwood at GirlTrek Leadership Training in the Rocky MountainsMeet Chris Norwood, Trailblazer Fellow with GirlTrek, a grassroots nonprofit that mobilizes women and girls to get active and tackle the obesity crisis in African-American communities.


Meet Brigida Martinez, a traveling pediatric nurse who cares for kids (and adventures in her off hours!) all over the world.


“Make me sound you cool when you publish this,” Brigida asked us—well, we didn’t even have to try, for her or for any of our #IWD2015 honorees! Each of the misadventurous ladies featured above is cool and inspiring in her own way–and we’ve got dozens more interviews where these came from. But once you’re done reading…don’t forget to get off your computer, get outside, and celebrate International Women’s Day with some misadventures of your very own!