With summer on the horizon, we’re getting pumped about events like the 4th Annual Swift Campout! Our friends at Swift Industries are calling on adventure cyclists all over the world to go bike-camping overnight on June 23rd.

There’s nothing like riding with a bunch of friends, setting up camp, and savoring some time outside. We’ve had some memorable bike-camping moments, like waking up in a puddle (oops, the tarp was a funnel), being handed jello shots along a trail, and riding from stage to stage for live music to break up a ride.

Check out builtbyswift.com/swiftcampout to peruse the Global Campout Map, find other Swift campers, share your stories, and win sweet outdoor and cycling gear. The Swift Campout landing page itself will draw you in with its adorable fox logo and charming illustrations and maps…

Get out there!