Here is a selection of choice gifts for that choicest of friends who is up for anything. She’s got your back, through thick and thin.


This bright bag, $65, packs a punch and packs a lunch.


Remember that time you two made pasta in a Nalgene? Yeah, well, maybe it’s time to upgrade your bestie’s backpacking cookery. This award-winning pot, $49.95, is worth the cash.il_570xn-952630030_lmb1This sticker, made by artist Rachel Beckman, is an instant classic. It’s also my new personal motto. It’s $5. wr_92477_nc

This blanket, $185, is emblazoned with the seal of the Pacific Crest Trail. It’s warm, and maybe it brings back some good memories, too.


These dressed up sweatpants are what dreams are made of. They’re a splurge at $95, but they may be the only sweatpants she ever needs ever, ever, ever again. If you’re thinking about getting her pajamas, think again.


This stuff is pure magic, and the smell is delightful, too. Everyone’s got some anxiety — this roll-on scent, $48, clears the mind.


This sleeping bag, $99.95, was designed for women. There’s even a handy bottom zip where you can stick out your feet on warmer nights. Finally.


These cool pendants, $68, are inspired by the outdoors and the movement of the moon.


These Pendleton socks are designed after different National Parks. Pick your location of choice, for $12.50, and get something special for your trailmate.


Then, of course, a copy of the latest issue of Misadventures. They’re $9.50 in our shop.