Tis almost the season of gift-giving, which means it’s now the season of gift-stressing. But stress no more! We’ve searched far and wide to curate a list of the best gifts this year for that special person you know.

Beard Oil

So, maybe their beard started out of laziness. But now it’s bushy and wild, and it’s time to embrace the secret of all well-kempt face rugs: beard oil. The Roosevelts Beard Company offers 6 variations, all named after National Parks and with scents ranging from “worn leather and campfire” to “fir, clove & cedarwood.” Chose one or buy a sampler pack – their beard will thank you! Or their mouth will, underneath their beard.

Sampler pack, $29.87


Bike Wall Rack

Are your bikes clogging up the entryway? Front hall? Living room? Bedroom? Fret no more! This super elegant solution to bike-cluttery is svelt and modern – a nice standalone bit of furniture in its own right! Available in walnut, oak, teak, or cherry, with a leather or wool soft grip that protects the bike’s frame. Very sturdy; the craftsmanship is apparent and will be much appreciated by ye apartment dwellers.

OneFortyThree Bike Wall Rack, $95


Artisinal Light Fixtures

Co-habitating? While you’re sprucing up your apartment, how about a lighting upgrade for chez vous? Color Cord offers endless options and combinations for fabric cords, fixtures, cages, and bulbs — all very hip and tasteful, to make the time spent away from natural light as cozy as possible.

Color Cord Custom Light Fixtures$15 and up

Bluetooth Speaker

We reviewed a few different Wireless speakers, and after such rigorous tests as the “can-I-rattle-the-dishes-by-placing-it-on-top-of-the-cabinet Test,” (you can), the “can-I-convince-my-cat-it’s-a-bird-by-playing-birds-chirping-through-it Test,” (you can), the “will-it-run-out-of-battery-after-a-full-beach-day Test” (it won’t) and of course, the “will-it-float Test” (it will), the Ultimate Ears’ Wonderboom stood out as one of the most portable, most durable, easiest to use, and best-sounding of the pack. Clip it to a backpack, set it by the climbing wall, crank it up poolside (it’s waterproof) — wherever you go, you can bring your music too.

Wonderboom, $99

Flowfold Backpack

Designed and handmade in Portland Maine, Flowfold has an outstanding lineup of durable, high-quality upcycled gear. Their water-resistant 10L Optimist Backpack is the perfect mini-bag for day trips and adventures — it’s lightweight and comfortable to the point that you’ll forget it’s there. Comes with a lifetime warranty, just like friendship.

Flowfold Optimist Backpack, $63.75

Tense Handcrafted Wooden Watches

These jaw-dropping watches are made from 100% recycled or reclaimed wood, manufactured by hand in Vancouver. Choose from their wide selection or design your own. For the more refined mountainpeople in your life.

Tense Watches, $179+

Epson ProSense GPS Watch

Or, if biometrics, speed, distance, and intervals are more your thing – the Epson ProSense generates a mind-spinning amount of real-time data as you run, bike, or swim. The ProSense is easy to use and is a must for any endurance athlete.

Epson ProSense 307 GPS Watch, $249.99


Wyoming Whiskey

Distilled in the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming, this is flat out one of the best bourbons that we have ever tasted. If you cain’t make it to the local saloon, be sure and order one of these bad boys from any number of reputable dealers. No snake oil here, folks. It’s the real McCoy and boy howdy, pour a few fingers and gather round the fire.

Wyoming Whiskey, prices vary

French Press

Coffee lovers take note — a (french) revolution is a-brewing: the “bru-stop” press screen creates the perfect cup – hot, fresh, and never bitter. It’s durable enough for the trail and refined enough for the parlor. Swoon.

Planetary Design Bru-Stop French Press, $41.99

Sierra Designs Whitney Jacket

This. Jacket. Is. So. Comfortable. And. Warm. Period.

Sierra Designs Whitney Dridown Jacket, $169