Dear Woolx Base Camp Hoodie,

Even though I’m sitting here gazing at the thick humidity of a Nashville summer, knowing that it will envelop me in its sweaty arms the moment I step out the door, you give me hope that better days are ahead. We just met, but I didn’t know until I met you that I would be able to dream again—dream of fall, of the sweet snap of orchard apples, of trees dipped in colors, of days so cool you want to drink them in with a straw. When I’m around you, I feel like I could do anything—glide through endless misty trails, bike to class even in the piercing cold, climb a mountain and watch the stars spin by…

Woolx Base Camp Hoodie - Womens Lightweight. Image Credit:

You know, my mother had always warned me about wool. “It kind of…rubs me the wrong way,” she admitted. So I never knew how wonderful you could be. But then I heard people talking about how you were actually…what was it…oh yeah, “feather light and silky smooth.” I thought of a bird plunging through the wind, so bold, so effortless. I started seeing how authentic you are. Not like those synthetic, unshapely sweatshirts I used to wear. You’re 100% Australian merino, and I love your accent when you say “merino.” Merino…merino…

You’re simple, and I respect that. You’ve promised to keep me balanced—not too hot and not too cold—and I think that’s exactly what I’ve always wanted in a hoodie. You say that even if I make a stink about something, you won’t hold it against me. No hoodie has ever…EVER…said that to me. You wick away odor, sweat, tears—you just repel the bad and hold close the good.


I know you promised that you’ll never itch me, that I have a 30-Day 100% No-Itch Guarantee, but I know a thing or two about love. And I know that even though things might get a bit uncomfortable at times, we’ll focus on why being together is so much better than being apart.

Baby, let’s admit it, we look GOOD together. It’s almost like you were made with me in mind.

Hold me forever,

Ps—these thumbholes make me feel like writing this letter was a daring act of athletic performance. You know me so well.

WoolX Women’s Lightweight The Base Camp Merino Wool Hoodie, Black Pomegranate, XX-Large/18-20

Woolx Base Camp Hoodie - Womens Lightweight. Image Credit: