There are some clothing and footwear items that are so fresh you have to put them on even if it’s not the right season. Astral’s new version of their classic Loyak shoe is just like that. Even though it was a cold January day when I took them out of the box, they called to me. While my body shivered winter, at least my feet sang spring.

Now the seasons have changed and this shoe yet remains on my feet: at the beach, in my kayak, on the sailboat, on the trail, waiting in line for bubble tea. The Loyaks will take you there.

These super light sneakers are incredibly easy to swim and maneuver in water with plus they dry super quick once you get out. Also, that new Sprout Green color looks real snazzy.

astral loyak


They’re the kind of shoe you paddle or swim in then leave on for the rest of the day because a) you can and b) why wouldn’t you?

Here’s a quick rundown of the pro’s and cons:


  • Very light (5 oz) and easy to swim in
  • Crazy fast-drying
  • Flexible and comfortable (enough to surf and playboat in)
  • The soles won’t scuff boat decks
  • Spring-forward colors that make you happy to look at
  • Sticky, rubbery sole that doesn’t slip on rocks and other surfaces (a token Astral footwear feature)


  • The cloth loops around the heel is a little fragile, so tug lightly on them while breaking them in.
  • For more consequential/advanced kayaking, perhaps remove the laces which may get stuck in your boat when trying to get out quickly or on something in the river. But for all other boating, they are great.

Just a heads up, I would size down in these just to make sure you get that skin-tight fit that makes swimming in these shoes feel like second skin.

Bottom Line

If you want to feel those fun spring vibes all year round while splashin and dashin, the Loyaks are your shoe.