Winter is coming, and bicyclists everywhere are shivering in their clipless pedals. Enter the Terry Split Mitt: savior of biker fingers, Lobster Claw of warmth, Flying V of snug.

The palms are nicely padded for bike glove shock absorption, the exterior is wind- and water-proof, and the glove’s warmth is maintained with a Thinsulate lining.


One small issue – a little more reflectivity (and visibility) would be a nice feature, as the gloves pretty much disappear at night. But small potatoes for the incredible warmth and comfort offered on even the most blustery of rides.

terry split mitt

taking photos while biking: the most dangerous game

There is also an Enhanced Niceness factor – that is, the only hand sign that you are able to give your fellow drivers while biking, try as you might, is either the thumbs up or the Live Long and Prosper. Neither communicates the frustration of being cut off in the preternatural early dusk (aka commuting in darkness), but both will spread the holiday cheer.

Price $45.00

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…5 stars!