Terramar Sports was founded in 1971, and their experience with designing active wear is noticeable.

These folks know what they’re doing. Just in time for winter shopping, we tested out a couple sets of tops and bottoms: their pebble melange hoodie/tight combo and their thermawool base layers.

Pebble Melange Reversible Cowl Hoodie


This hoodie is baller. It’s stretchy, it’s soft. It has a gigantic hood–which at first was confusing, but I grew to love it–mostly because I wore it for a week straight after getting it. You don’t want to take it off because the “digital knit” inside is so cozy. Warning: if you wear it for a week straight (like anything), it gets smelly. To boot, it has these nice little pull cords you can cinch to make it fit even cozier. AND THUMBHOLES.

Pebble Melange Reversible Tight


So, we’re from the South. We aren’t versed in our cold-weather tights. But when I put these fellas on, it was a spiritual experience. You could stretch. You could go running in them. You could go to the grocery store in them and no one would bat an eye. Tights convert, over here. plus, so warm! These will be a staple come winter weather time. We know they’re reversible, but we like the pebble melange stripe-y design the best.

Thermawool Half Zip


Here’s what I know about wool: it’s itchy. Metaphysically speaking, I mean. I would lump “itchy” in as an one of Aristotle’s essential qualities of wool. BUT NO LONGER. The thermawool is a true performance base layer, and it’s composed of a blend of merino wool AND microfibers. Result: non-itchy wool on the outside, and soft-as-can-be on the inside. I know it’s supposed to be for the wilderness, but I started wearing it to work every day. Stay warm and look cool. Is that phrase trademarked? You can use that, Terramar.

Thermawool Bottom


Remember what I was talking about with the multi-layered, non-itchy wool? Ditto for the bottoms. They fit well. No complaints over here. Wear them under your pants to trick people into thinking you’re invincible to the elements. Highly recommended. All the stars.