Any time I’ve seen dishware on my camping packlist, I’ve simply gone to my kitchen cabinet and pulled out whatever heavy ceramic items I’ve needed.

No longer. Sea To Summit sent us some lightweight silicone dishware from their X-Series designed to collapse neatly into discs. Their boldly colored mugs, plates, and bowls take into consideration the concerns of the light packer while adding some extra goodies like calibrated measuring marks and cut-resistant bases. Who knew the outdoor dinnerware experience had so much to improve upon!


X-Mug – $12.95 (2.7 oz)

When expanded, this little beauty is about 4.5 inches tall and holds about 2 cups of liquid. My primary concern was how the silicone would handle a hot beverage, and I’m happy to report that the silicone becomes pleasantly warm when you pour piping hot water into it. How do I know? I’m sipping tea from my X-Mug right now. The bottom of the mug is also made of silicone, but it has a hard nylon ring at the top to help it maintain its shape.

X Bowl – $15.95 (2.8 oz)

Like the X-Mug, this bowl has collapsy silicone sides that expand upwards (to 2.25 inches tall). Unlike the X-Mug, it lacks the nylon ring at the top and has a cut-resistant nylon base. It can hold about 22 fluid ounces. That’s a solid helping.

X-Plate – $19.95 (5 oz)

At 8 inches wide, this is the most generously-sized piece of dinnerware they sent us. The X-Plate is mostly a nylon cutting board with a silicone lip that pops up 1.5 inches, and I like it that way.


After using the X-Series dinnerware, I rethought the way that I packed for dining outside. Specifically, I realized that I had never thought about it. These lightweight pieces are total space-savers, and if you’re counting ounces for your backpack, you should definitely consider the advantages of the X-Series.

Also of note: everything in the X-Series is BPA free, made from food-grade silicone, and the pieces can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Not that you’d be able to take advantage of this on a camping trip, but they’re microwave and dishwasher safe, too.