I probably don’t have to tell you why you need a good great perfect life jacket (at least, I hope you already know why…) Let’s be honest, though: flawless floatation should just be the baseline. Your PFD should make you feel and look ***flawless too. 

Enter Kokatat Naiad: a PFD designed with female recreational paddlers in mind, with “body-mapped panels” fitted around ~the girls~. Plus, it comes in two different snazzy colors—a regal purple and a poppin’ blue.

I’ve taken the Kokatat Naiad out for several paddles, and not only am I still alive, but I also felt fresh and looked pretty fly, if I do say so myself. Here’s what I thought: 

Great for ~the girls~: As advertised, the Naiad can “accommodate the natural curves” of even the bustiest among us! A refreshing option in a market often lacking a diversity of body types.  

Super comfortable: I could sleep in this thing. There’s a ton of cushioning and the fabric feels like like buttah. 

Bulky: All that cushioning comes at a price, though, and I found it could get in the way of more advanced and strenuous paddles.

Bottom Line: True to its word, the Kokatat Naiad is a perfect, cute-and-comfy option for recreational paddlers—especially if you’ve got a lot of guests on the top balcony! That said, for those of us with smaller chests and/or masochistic tendencies, that roominess and extra padding loses some of its appeal and can actually get in the way of high performance. If you’re looking for the most comfortable, women’s specific recreational PFD, this is your best option.