The Anjan 2 is the ideal tent for 3-season trips in adverse weather made by the legendary Swedish tent-maker, Hilleberg. I first discovered Hilleberg’s tents when tagging along for 3 days with Freya Hoffmeister for her North American Circumnavigation by sea kayak. In the evenings after paddling along California’s Big Sur coast, while my friend Kelly and I pitched our tent, I couldn’t help but notice Freya’s fortress of a tent. How sturdy, how functional, how cozy it was. She shared that this Hilleberg tent had changed her life with its durability and great design making months of camping on the coast more bearable. I knew then and there that I must try a Hilleberg. 

Shortly after, I met the Anjan 2. I tried to play it cool, seem somewhat unavailable, already going steady for 5 years with my Hubba Hubba. But, the Anjan swept me off of my feet. In one ill-fated backpacking trip in California’s Trinity Alps, the wind kicked up to 25 knots as the temperature suddenly dropped. Despite the adverse conditions, the Anjan kept us cozy, warm, and dry during the worst of an unexpected rainstorm. 

Alas, I shouldn’t be woo-ed this easily. Yet, when conditions turned hotter than expected on a whitewater kayaking trip along the American River, we were able to sleep under just the light fly and enjoy the cool night air. After several more trips, I’m convinced, the Anjan 2’s impeccable design and sturdiness makes it one of those magical tents, that can check nearly all the boxes. 


  • Weight: 3 lbs 5 oz
  • Size: 2-person
  • Style: Tunnel, Semi-free standing

Let’s get into more specific pros and cons:


  • Totally bomb proof! Tested in cold wet alpine conditions in late November and despite gusting winds and frigid rainfall, this tent kept us safe and warm and dry all night long.
  • Really light weight, especially given its durability.
  • Quick and easy set up.
  • Stylish, pretty, and looks really aerodynamic.
  • Front entry helps everyone sleep and snuggle easily. 


  • During a summer camping trip with a major mosquito problem, the tent kept me safe from mosquitos… but also was pretty hot. The beauty of this tent is you can sleep under the rainfly comfortably when temperatures heat up. 
  • Space: a lot of folks know what they’re getting into with lightweight, 2-person tents but don’t expect a ton of space. This tent is cozy in all senses of the word. 
  • It’s unfortunately not the most affordable tent on the market but will last a long long time. 

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a durable, lightweight tent that can tackle any weather that spring, summer, or fall can throw your way and a tent that will last you many many years – look no further than Hilleberg’s Anjan 2.