If you’re like me, you gave up traditional pants in 2009. After I realized it was socially acceptable to wear yoga pants to class, to work, to the gym, on the plane, to the movies, on a date, on a backpacking trip, and certain holiday parties, I never looked back. Sometimes now, even the thought of having to wear dress slacks or khakis makes me shiver.

Also if you’re like me, you have different leggings for different occasions. There’s the workout-only legging that you know won’t go wiggling down your hips while you run. Then the cozy and somewhat loose super warm legging for cold mornings, snow sports, and working from home. Of course, you’ve got your glam tights for that Ratchet Ballet class, hip hop 101, and Burning Man. And don’t forget those leggings with pockets that look like work pants. But a legging or tight that can do it all? That’s like finding the Holy Grail. And one day, I will find it.

In the pursuit of the one-legging-to-rule them all, I was excited to test Ever’s Sweatflow Legging, a legging that at first glance, looked like it very well could be that legging. After several months of testing, I have some results to share. But first, what I liked and didn’t like:


  • Super flattering high rise: The Sweatflow’s came up high enough just to show the part of my abs that hint at a four-pack (it’s not really there) but I appreciated the suggestion it helped me make.
  • Super smooth fabric: I loved slithering into these and as cliche as it sounds, the fabric does feel like second skin. I never experienced the odor-reducing claims Ever makes of this fabric; they got smelly just as much as all of my other leggings. But that’s okay with me.
  • Not see through: It passed the down dog in a crowded studio test. That’s right, no peek-a-boo thong while you’re gettin’ your flow on.
  • Heat regulation on point: I never felt either too hot or too cold in these leggings, which feels magical.
  • Those pockets tho: I have an iPhone 8 plus and that honker still fits in the nifty pockets. So do all of Gu chews (aka running candy) that I must have on my 5k runs.
  • Hurrah! They don’t fall down: Ah compression, I love you. I went on so many long runs with these and never had to pull them up constantly. They stayed in place just nice.


  • Okay, let’s talk about the seams: This was my biggest issue with the Sweatflows and sadly with so much going right with these leggings, it saddened me that this became a deal breaker as much as it did over time. That being said, I know that leggings perform differently on different body types, so it could be that ladies with smaller hips and booties don’t experience this.  Here were the main issues with the seams for me:
  • Weird placement:  I get what the design is trying to do, it’s subtly framing your booty in a way I appreciate. But the seam was a little low and kind of gave me a quadruple cheek effect, especially when sitting down or bending over. After a few months, they’ve stretched out and pinch my butt a little less, but it was enough to make me self conscious at first.
Can’t tell what’s sketchier: the stitching or the photography
  • Needs more reinforcement: Related to the seam placement is the lack of reinforcement. I was riding my bike when the booty seam started to unfurl a bit. I was worried that I’d gotten a little too cheeky with cars behind me but was relieved that nothing was exposed. The seam has held to this day (8 months in) but I still check it every time I wear them to make sure it’s still holding it all in.
  • Sizing is a bit weird: Don’t get me wrong, I love sizing down but I love items that are true-to-size a bit more. I’m a pretty consistent 6/8 or 27/28  for pants. But in between the Sweatflow size 2 and size 4, the size 2’s staying on my hips the best while running. That’s a bit too much of a size jump for me.
  • Fabric fraying at the bottom: The idea with the hemless bottom of the legging was to make it easier for layering hiking socks. But for me this hasn’t ever been an issue so it just felt like pant looked more on the unfinished side at the bottom.

Bottom Line: Ever is definitely on to something and potentially on the way to crafting the Holy Grail of leggings. That’s a huge accomplishment. With a few design tweaks (lift that booty-framing seam, add a hem, and reinforce the stitching more) the Sweatflows would be perfect for me. I’m excited to see what they release next and still look forward to running in my current Sweatflows.