Gear Review: CycleRest

What are you supposed to do if you love to ride bikes but have a teensy car (like this Honda Fit) and no external bike rack?

Honda Fit

Our friends at CycleRest generously sent over an innovative new product for us to try out that tackles this very issue.

Honda Fit, Old System

Usually we just open the hatchback, take off the front wheel of the bike, and jam it in there with some gym clothes as padding to avoid scratching windows and seats. This is probably not a good way to store your bike. The problems: it falls over easily. It still scratches up your seats. It looks unprofessional.

No CycleRest

Really. This is embarrassing.

People either think you have a weird bike obsession and are trying to dress it in your own clothes, or that you are just tacky. In truth, we just don’t like scratching nice things but want to keep our bike safely inside the car.



Pros: It’s sleek. It’s small. It’s simple. Comes with a handy installation guide. No tools required.

Cons: We didn’t know about it sooner!

CycleRest Instructions

It’s pretty intuitive. Basically, you clamp the Cycle Rest onto the headrest posts of a back seat, then lower the seat down.

Detach the front wheel, pop the bike in, and the bicycle fork fits perfectly onto the CycleRest.

Bike Installation

Tighten and voila!

No more worrying about your bike scratching the interior of your car or falling over.

CycleRest Success!

Look how neat and clean.

CycleRest in action

On the way to our bike route, we were sure to take some tight turns to see how the CycleRest would hold up (not because we were lost…no….). The bike didn’t budge! Even with the backseat down, two people fit comfortably in the front seats of the Honda Fit. Since your bike neatly occupies just one side of the back seat, you could even add another friend (furry or otherwise) in the remaining backseat by the bike.

The CycleRest gets the Misadventures stamp of approval!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received CycleRest for free from CLS Industries, LLC as coordinated by Deep Creek Public Relations in consideration for review publication.