Feeling like a boss in my Bogs

The best pieces of gear make you feel invincible, even if it’s only temporary. I felt that way when I first tried a wetsuit in cold water. Or the first time I pedaled a really efficient, light bike to go uphill. Or that time I got my first big down coat to ward off the cold when it gets real real cold. That’s how I felt when I tried Bog’s new Arcata Stripe Insulated Boot: invincible.

Like a big ol’ down coat, slipping on these boots feels like going straight to the nuclear option for warmth. And that’s exactly what I went for, in the rain, in the snow, after a cold surfing or kayaking session, I went straight for the warmest, most comfortable shoes I had, which were my Bogs.They have a super solid and grippy sole and a waterproof exterior. The insulation and wool keep your feet super warm, even when you’re walking through fresh snow up to your hips.  

It also doesn’t hurt that they look good. There’s a tasteful amount of faux fur at the top, a woolen stripe pattern for some fun color, and they lace up too. Even though these boots were designed for snow, mud, and cold wet conditions, I found myself wearing them as soon as the temperature got below 60 degrees and it started to sprinkle. With these boots, you don’t have to play around – you just go straight to the warmest, driest option.

That being said, they are a bit on the heavy side, making it difficult to hike long distances or snowshoe with them. But for an everyday snow or rain boot, they are stellar.

Here’s a rundown of the pros and cons:

  • These boots are the real deal for warmth. Rated for temperatures of -40 F
  • They really are waterproof – I tested in leg-deep snow and massive puddles.
  • The sole is super thick and grippy, especially in snow.
  • They stylin! They look really good with leggings, waterproof pants, jeans and just about anything. (To complete the look, the kind folks at Darn Tough socks, shared some pairs to make sure I was extra snuggly).
  • A bit on the heavy side, which make them perhaps not the first choice for hiking or snowshoeing.

Bottom Line

These are the best, most durable boots you can find that balance warmth, waterproofing and style.