Once I finally could afford my own kayak after years of mooching, I learned the hard way about boat storage.

At first, I stored my 15 ft sea kayak in the stairwell of my apartment where we accessed the trash cans (typical urban dirtbag move). That presented a problem because then we couldn’t take the trash out or, even worse, sometime trash fell into my boat. I tried to sneakily put it on my neighbors’ roof, but that didn’t work either.  For about a week, I kept it in the common room inside my apartment, but I couldn’t fully convince my roommates that it accentuated the room in representation of our adventurous lifestyle.

Finally I met Julien, not only is he a fantastic boyfriend, but he has a great backyard and lives only 4 blocks away from me. I knew the relationship was off to a good start when early on he let me store all of my boats in his backyard <3!

But problems started to arise even with a great backyard to stash my fleet. On the water, I sometimes felt  spiders crawling up my legs while paddling. One time I took my boat to the pool to practice rolling and quickly someone noticed all of the leaves and grass my boat emitted into the pool — not a good look.

Not only that, but the sun was starting to take its toll and slight oil canning of the hull began on my beloved sea kayak. I’ve been kayaking for almost 13 years now but it’s taken me too long to realize I need to take better care of my shit. On the eve of turning 30, that’s exactly my goal — now that I finally have boats, I gotta make them last.

That’s when I discovered Footstake’s Shore Tee. Their elevated rack system  plus a yard is exactly what I needed. These two reinforced plastic (high-density polyethylene) stakes are easy to drive into grassy ground to lift your kayak or canoe off the dirt.

Once lifted you can do many things that are good for boat preservation like:

  • Easily spray down and clean your kayak with fresh water
  • Keep snakes and insects from turning it into a home
  • Easily wrap your boat in a tarp to cut down on sun and rain damage

And they’re portable, so you can take them on the road too for when you need to keep your boat off the ground for cleaning or repairs at the put in or take out. Each stake has eyelets for securing the boat on top and padding for keeping it cradled.

The Shore Tee retails for $89.99 and can be ordered online here.  

Join me in taking better care of our shit!

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