I always aim to carry my camera, but more often than not I don’t because it’s too bulky. But, the subtle ergonomic cut of the Tanner Goods SLR Camera Strap means I’m comfortable hefting that weight around. The design, coupled with the security of the strap, makes it well worth the cost—particularly if you carry a pricy camera.

I have owned this strap for three month and gotten into the habit of slinging my camera over my shoulder as I head out the door, the weight of my Nikon nicely distributed by the strong cut of vegetable tanned leather. A modest downside is that the durable strap doesn’t pack down as well as some less burly cloth straps, but it does fit nicely in the more spacious Tanner Goods Camera bag.

I will admit that it took me some serious consideration and googling to understand how to put the strap onto my camera rings initially. Perhaps it is easier for others, but once you figure out that the lowest rivets on the straps allow for the leather to slide off of the top of them, creating a small removable section of leather before the nylon cord, then it is easy to connect the nylon cord to your camera rings before these sections to the main strap by the rivets. Because the SLR Camera Strap disconnects from the nylon cords easily, you can disconnect the strap from the camera quickly when using a tripod, if that’s your thing.

Like so much long term gear, the SLR Camera Strap has taken some breaking in. Much like the removable cord rivet system, it’s elegant but a bit challenging when the strap is new.

Still, I am sure this strap will last me through my entire photographic career and is in it with me for the long haul. I highly recommend this classy piece as a gift for any photography loving Misadventurer.

SLR Camera Strap, Black, $130.00


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WIT-Edit-241x300Julianne Gauron is an industrial designer living in Somerville, MA, working in Boston, NYC and across the US.  She has lived as a designer in Europe and Asia, working on sporting goods, military and health care product research and development.  She is an avid skier, yogi, runner, surfer and photographer.