Jeanette Cheney

LOCATION: Melbourne, Australia

OCCUPATION: Coffee drinker, blogger, executive officer


Jeanette is our Exploring Women contest winner, and in true Misadventures spirit she has an innate curiosity of people, places, and exploring the world.

She credits her parents and grandparents for inspiring and encouraging her to travel since she was a child.

She says, “You’ll always find me with a book on hand or reading articles on a culture or tradition. It’s also how I tend to decide on my next adventure. My dreams are as large as the library within my mind. If only my wallet was as generous and giving. This year I recently rode horseback across a small section of the Altai Mountains in Mongolia to celebrate turning 30. It had always been a dream to visit the land of blue skies and live within a community that revolves around horses.”

Given her love and passion for all things travel, I asked Jeanette what her dream adventure would be and without hesitation she answered, “One day our plans are to return to Mongolia and ride from bottom to top on horse back and spend more time with the Kazakh people and learn more about the eagle hunters. If I could do any adventure it would be a round-the-world adventure, taking time to do a short stint (2-4 weeks) horse riding in different places…Mongolia, Morocco, Iceland, New Zealand, Chile.”

In the interim, I wonder what her more immediate plans include?

jeannette horses

Jeanette says, “If the money tree blossoms in time my next big adventure is heading back across to South America. I volunteered and lived in Guyana in 2008 teaching HIV/AIDS prevention. We plan on doing the more touristy activities, like Machu Picchu, in Peru and Bolivia before heading over to Venezuela to climb Mount Roraima and eventually going into the jungles of Guyana. If all goes to plan one morning I’ll be sitting atop the plateau, with a coffee in one hand, my friends by my side, and the sun rising across the mountains of Guyana, Brazil, and Venezuela.”

This gal loves to be on the move and her travel chart is pinned with fabulous places. Follow her journeys on her blog,

Thanks for sharing your story, Jeannette, and congratulations on the Red Fox gear!