OK y’all. It’s time to get intimate. Let’s talk about undies.

I’m one of those people who likes to know where the things I own come from. “Who made this? What’s the story behind this object?” I ask myself as I browse.

It’s one of the reasons I love all things handmade. I relish in the opportunity to talk directly with a maker, designer, or artist and hear the inspiration behind an object.

It’s also the reason I tend to shop at second-hand shops, which allow me to purchase nice, affordable clothing without creating direct demand for unethically produced goods. (And let’s be real: thrift shops also make shopping more way like a scavenger hunt and less like ‘shopping’, which is definitely up my alley. Bring on the adventure and unexpected find!) But I have to draw the line for what I’m willing to buy at second hand shops somewhere. And that line is at underwear.

So, this is a review dedicated to beautiful, ethical, comfortable intimates for the modern woman who’s ready to bolt out on an adventure on a moment’s notice (and who might want to feel a wee bit sexy in the meantime).

Check out my top picks below. These brands are all made by small-scale producers and are designed with integrity.

Luva Huva


Alright y’all. Now these pieces are just straight up pretty. Made in the UK, founder Joanna Ketterer says she “has always drawn inspiration from the rustic Sufolk countryside where she spent her childhood. The colours of the collections often mirror the hues found in an English country garden.” Her pieces are made from organic cotton, bamboo, and soy fabrics, along with end-of-line remnants and vintage lace. They feel subtle and sexy on, like a secret weapon underneath your clothes that whispers: “You can do anything!”

Who Made Your Pants?



Who Made Your Pants is a cooperative that purchases leftover fabric from big producers at the end of each season. Using these materials that would have otherwise become waste, the group of about 10 women create delightful undies that are both comfortable and beautiful. As the British name implies, each article’s tag is signed by its seamstress so that you can trace precisely who made your underwear. The packaging of their line is really top notch, so these pieces would make especially great gifts.




These hand-sewn Californian pieces are not only super comfy and soft, they are also organic and use repurposed silks. The founder, Amanda Bear, was inspired to create “chic and flattering, yet cozy, intimates inspired by her love of vintage clothing, bohemian neighborhoods, and the occasional rock show, for an independent woman who follows her own sense of fashion.” Yum! Pick me! If you are into bright colors and feeling like a badass, this line is for you.



“Sandmaiden was created for women like me, women who appreciate something beautiful and comfortable to put on as a means of transporting themselves from the busyness of the day into a place of joy and rest,” says founder Amanda Boyd. Made in Washington state, these pieces are handmade with natural materials. Luckily for Misadventures readers, they are offering a 15% discount for the month of May if you use the promo code springrain when you check out. You can use the code at www.sandmaiden.com, www.sandmaidensleepwear.etsy.com, or www.sandmaiden.etsy.com.

Madonna Bain


If fairies wore undergarments, they would wear Madonna Bain. Whimsical and feminine, Madonna creates her pieces from organic fabrics in Australia and Indonesia under fair working conditions. There is an old-fashioned, yet timeless sense to her floral designs that I really love.