One of the less-discussed impacts of global warming is that it is very difficult to field-test toddler snowsuits. Combine the near-total absence of snow in Boston this year (besides today), and my uncooperative two year old, and this gear review of the Dare2B Bugaloo II is a little light on substance. Please bear with me.

I started by asking Irene what she thought of the snowsuit — here’s what I got (my comments in italics):

  1. I like the color. It’s purply. It’s a loud pink and aqua and navy plaid – makes her hard to lose in the woods, also probably means my boy will refuse to wear it next year.
  1. It looks like a giraffe. It doesn’t look anything like a giraffe. But it does have little ears on the hood, which is cute. What else do you like about it?
  1. I like the colors. Now can you turn Sound of Music on?

Looks like I need to do this review myself.

  1. It’s very puffy, which is good because it’s warm, and not good because it definitely restricts range of motion. It reminded me a little of the bombsuit in the Hurt Locker, except in purple plaid. Awesome.
  2. It’s water resistant, but not waterproof. And its cuffs are elastic, but they don’t have Velcro or anything to cinch them tight. So, not the snowsuit your toddler should use for major mountaineering expeditions. Fine for brief outings.
  3. The zipper runs from one knee up to the throat, with a snap at the top. Works nice, seems sturdy. Easy to get on and off.

Bottom line, this is a puffy, warm snowsuit that probably works best if you’re mostly carrying your kid around in the cold. For actual playing in snow for more than twenty minutes, you may need to do some waterproofed layering. So, while there hasn’t been much snow to play in this year (we’ll get out there today and see what’s what), this snowsuit was a big hit — and in no small part because my deluded toddler thinks it looks like a purply giraffe. Fashion meets function at it’s finest.