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Curious what Issue 2: How-To (Survive) contains? Here’s a sneak preview!

  • “The Long Ride of Adeline and Augusta Van Buren,” two sisters who motorbiked across the country 100 years ago — to prove to the government and the U.S. Army that they could.
  • “A Conversation with Rue Mapp” — in which Paige Fulton interviews the founder of Outdoor Afro, the organization that aims to get people of color outdoors, together.
  • “High Flyers” — in which three pro-skiers (including an Olympian) discuss the peaks and pitfalls of the competitive world.
  • An excerpt from Welcome to the Goddamn Ice Cube, by dogsledder-author-adventurer, Blair Braverman.
  • “An Amateur’s Guide To The Galaxy” — in which Paula Wright examines the sky from those few remaining remote, dark places; the mystery of the beyond; and the great American tradition of seeing UFOs.
  • How-To Winter — in which we share everything you need to know to survive the darkest months of the year, from decoding smoke signals to winterizing your camping gear without breaking the bank to how to amputate your own arm. (You know. Just in case.)

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