It’s been too long since we’ve checked in on our UK Ambassador, pro surfer Jessie Tuckman. She’s adamant that surfing isn’t just a summer sport, and here she proves it. Enjoy this short clip of fall and winter footage from the coast of England.

If you’re interested in getting into surfing, this piece is all about jumping in as an adult. The moral: it’s never too late. If you’d like to get some instruction on surfing in a pretty sweet setting, check out Swellwomen Retreats. One of our writers went on one of their women-only luxe surf and yoga retreats in Maui, and she was over-the-moon stoked on the experience. We were all extremely jealous, as you can imagine.

For all the yogis out there, this video of pro-surfer Maria Manuel explains the connection she sees between surfing and her yoga practice. It’s inspiring, to say the least. gw-jessie-1-of-1-10

Jessie Tuckman will be the first to tell you that being a woman in the surfing world is not easy. Here’s a piece Jessica Malordy wrote a while back on how surfing industry media erases and changes women. It’ll get your blood boiling, but at least you’ll stay warm. Happy Winter!