50 Revelations from the Heart by Sally Ann F. Phillips is a simple, easy read. Yet in its simplicity, this book of yogic thoughts offers significant life-truths that one can’t afford to let go forgotten. And beneath each revelation, Phillips offers brief reflection.

For example:

#19: “Your Greatest Teachers May Be People You Don’t Really Like.

There are all kinds of teachers in life; some hold that title, most don’t. Some you like, some you don’t. Find lessons even in failed relationships. They may be the greatest sources of knowledge.”


#1: “Wisdom only comes from experience.

There is no substitute. Context is key to understanding life. Experiences give us context, and with any luck, they impart wisdom that can only be achieved by living.”

With concise sincerity, Phillips shares perspectives that allow for full living. She does so in bursts of color and without being overly sentimental or Hallmark-y. Phillip’s thoughts are more than words of encouragement, they deal with real life. They’re fresh. And none are over-hashed reworkings of old adages like “be yourself” or “don’t forget to call your mother.”

Consider, for example, revelation #40:

“Divorce the People who Suck the Life Out of You.

Divorces are ok. In fact, they are necessary sometimes. But they are also valuable for the lessons they teach us and the way they help us evolve into better versions of ourselves.”

In those moments when you find yourself asking is this just me or has anyone else ever felt this way? Phillip’s sends lighthearted reminders to say yes, we’ve all felt “that way” in some form, at some point. Here’s how you know you’ll get
through it.

Author Sally Ann F. Phillips

Author Sally Ann F. Phillips


50Phillips is a marketing executive, radio commentator, yoga instructor, mother and self-proclaimed recovering gym rat. (After decades of weight training and endless hours on the treadmill she found her workouts uninspiring. She yearned for something to soothe her mind and bring suppleness back to her body. That’s when Yoga walked in.) Phillips was inspired to write Revelations on the occasion of her 50th birthday. Additional words of inspiration can be found on Phillip’s blog where she talks about leading with your heart, mental health, and tough stuff like her divorce after nearly 19 years of marriage.

When deciding which revelations to include in her book Phillips asked herself: What essential truths would I tell my younger self? What life realizations must I always remind myself of, and what messages would I share with friends and family? Her thoughts resonate with everyday struggles of anyone trying to live a more Zen life in a modern, western society. The book makes for a great daily reader, or a colorful gift and is well worth its $10.60 price tag.