Gather round, misadventurers–we have some awesome news to announce!

Awesome Without Borders, a totally amazing grantmaking organization whose mission is to “find and fund the awesome lurking in every corner,” has honored Misadventures with one of their weekly “micro-genius grants for flashes of micro-brilliance.” We could not be more proud and excited to be Awesome Without Borders’s Grant #116, and we can’t thank them enough for contributing to our mission to bring quality outdoor and adventure content to women worldwide.

Says Awesome Without Borders:

Misadventures Magazine ingeniously builds a bridge between outdoor interests, and traditional women’s topics, including fashion, weight loss, dating, and diet. Their content covers everything from how-tos and gear reviews, to recipes and interviews. MM is boldly breaking down many common misconceptions plaguing women’s image in the media, with creativity, taking risks, and going out and beyond!

Currently, Misadventures Magazine is online only, with plans to move into print. First, the trio is looking to expand their readership, and boost their media presence. An AWB grant will go towards that, and then some. Things are about to get wild for women!