Carolyn Highland

Essay: Going Solo

Because the reality is that there are too many heart-stopping, soul-filling corners out there waiting to be explored that women shouldn’t have to wait for anyone else to get after. ...
Cheryl Strayed Wild Movie Reese Witherspoon

Movie Review: Wild

In Wild, Strayed has this way of writing that is all at once sharp, witty, heartbreaking, and piercingly beautiful—that touches you at your very core. Would a film be able to capture this in any satisfying way?...

Carolyn Highland


Car­olyn High­land is a Maine native and North­west­ern Uni­ver­sity grad with a BA in Cre­ative Writ­ing. She has spent the time since grad­u­at­ing out in the world gath­er­ing mate­r­ial for her writ­ing and enrich­ing her­self as a human being every­where from the back­coun­try of New Zealand to the desert of North­ern Chile to the White Moun­tains of New Hamp­shire to the woods of Maine. She cur­rently lives, teaches, and stud­ies in Den­ver. Car­olyn counts Joan Did­ion, Eula Biss, Cheryl Strayed, Lily King, and Jon Krakauer as her great­est lit­er­ary influ­ences.