Our Origin

After years of being frustrated subscribers to big outdoors-industry magazines (which are written largely by and for men), and not seeing ourselves on the pages of conventional women’s magazines, we decided to do something about it.

In November of 2013, we founded Misadventures to bring quality outdoor and adventure content about women to an overlooked but hungry audience. Since then, Misadventures has developed a dedicated readership, earned accolades and won awards, and have proven what a 21st-century magazine for women can and should be. Find the summer issue now in a Barnes & Noble, REI, or indie retailer near you. Or send one to your mailbox. It’s gonna be wild.

Our Mission

Mis­ad­ven­tures champions women who embrace cre­ativ­ity, take risks, and go out and beyond. We spotlight inspi­ra­tional feats and fig­ures, beau­ti­ful spaces, honest-to-goodness adven­tures, and dis­cov­er­ies of all sorts.

Our Team

Zoe Balaconis

Co-Founder/Senior Editor

Zoe Balaconis lives in Somerville, Mass. Most of the time she wishes she were on a boat. She is descended from potion makers and train hustlers.

Marybeth Campeau

Co-Founder/Creative Director

Marybeth Campeau, a maker of stuff and doer of things, currently resides in Nashville, TN. She has been stung by a stingray only once (and not in the heart).

Jessica C. Malordy

Co-Founder/Senior Editor/Social Media Maven

Jessica C. Malordy is not your average Girl Scout. A reader and writer in Tucson, AZ, she suffers from a serious case of wanderlust.

Sarah Connette

Operations Director

Sarah Con­nette is a writer, outdoorswoman, and advocate who bakes a mean baguette and doodles in Hindi. If she could be a bird, she'd be an Indigo Bunting. Sarah lives and bikes in Nashville, TN.

Dana Guth

Editorial Intern

Dana Guth is a Tufts University Jumbo studying Environmental Health. She hails from Baltimore, Maryland. When she's not writing and doing homework, she's generally trying to be around beaches, live music, and fuzzy animals.

Ellyn Gibbs

Editorial Intern

Ellyn Gibbs is a mass media student from Minnesota. Rock climbing, airports, gardening and campfire food are at the top of her happy list. Usually, she's wandering around with a notebook and dirty hands and wishing she lived in a yurt.