[dropcap]K[/dropcap]atelin Kelly is a seventh and eighth grade Language Arts teacher at Little Wound Middle School on Pine Ridge Reservation in Kyle, South Dakota. She is also a badass slam poet.

For a reflection on her experiences working at the home to the Oglala Sioux, check out her poem entitled “How?”

How? by Katelin Kelly

The highlights reel:

  • Skip to 0:25 for a takedown of Native American stereotypes
  • Skip to 0:41 to see Katelin quote Longfellow
  • Skip to 1:00 for an explanation of cultural indoctrination
  • Skip to 1:25 for a reflection on “spirits”
  • Skip to 1:50 to hear what the students teach the teacher
  • Skip to 2:20 for some sweet hand gestures
  • Skip to 2:29 to hear Katelin speak in the Lakota language
  • Skip to 2:44 to be moved by Katelin’s metaphor using clapping erasers


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kate_kelly_profile_squareAbout Our Contributor

An alumna of Davidson College, Katelin Kelly promotes reform through her work as a writer, artist, and educator. Katelin teaches and lives in Kyle, SD on Pine Ridge Reservation. Her work is rooted in the belief that understanding one’s self through writing is the single greatest way to affirm and promote social change.