Flying is probably the worst part of going away for most people. Getting to the airport on time, remembering to pack everything and the actual flight itself – it can all get a bit stressful. But there’s no need to get yourself in a flap. With our top tips, you can stay calm and enjoy the journey. After all, you want to land prepared for a great adventure.

1. Get yourself a bargainpexels-photo-199884

You’ll feel a lot better about flying if you’ve got a good value flight. So check out all the good comparison sites and find the best deals around. Once you think you’ve found the right price flight, check that airline’s website to see if they offer you better value directly. Then you can rest easy.

2. Arrive earlypexels-photo (3)

No-one enjoys rushing last minute in order to reach the check-in desk before it closes. Not only does arriving early mean you have time to relax, according to the Secret Traveller, you also have a much better chance of being offered an exit row seat. So arrive early to try and get that valuable extra space.

3. Pack a distractionflying-people-sitting-public-transportation

Bust nerves or boredom by packing things to keep you entertained. An iPod with all your favourite songs, books on an e-reader, magazines and a puzzle book are all good ideas.

4. Don’t drink too much 

Having a few drinks to relax before the flight sounds like a good idea. But getting drunk is a sure way of making the journey more stressful. As this blog asks, “have you ever tried to describe your lost luggage to baggage claim staff while under the residual influence of six glasses of in-flight cabernet? Not a pretty picture.” Best stick to one or two then.

5. Make yourself comfortablepexels-photo (2)

Instead of sitting at one of the airport’s bars, why not head to the shops and pick up some key items? Earplugs, an eye mask and a travel pillow will help make the trip more comfortable and much less stressful.

6. Join airline mileage rewards programspexels-photo (4)

Sign up for schemes that reward you for taking flights. That way you know each time you’re flying, you’re working your way towards some luxuries – a free upgrade to business or first class, for instance. What’s more, as these tips from All Women’s Talk highlight, the extra perks of loyalty programmes, such as priority boarding, a free checked bag and occasional passes to the airline’s private lounges, will all make flying more enjoyable.

Do you fly regularly? Share your tips with us.