Cutter Race, Jackson WY, Weird and Wonderful Winter Sports in Jackson, WY

Weird and Wonderful Winter Sports in Jackson, WY

In a town where winter lasts close to six months and snowfalls are measured in feet rather than inches, the locals have become creative with their wintertime activities. Skiing and snowboarding are the first tier of snow-sports, but for those willing to look beyond their ski-passes, some truly quirky and wild activities can be found.

Essay: Goldbug

Everyone seems to be saving the world. Meanwhile, here I am, a social worker in a mountain town, living paycheck-to-paycheck, wandering through the desert on a Saturday morning and worried about the gas money that it’s going to take to get me back home.
Cheryl Strayed Wild Movie Reese Witherspoon

Movie Review: Wild

In Wild, Strayed has this way of writing that is all at once sharp, witty, heartbreaking, and piercingly beautiful—that touches you at your very core. Would a film be able to capture this in any satisfying way?

Dragging Ass: Pack Burro Racing

Pack Burro Racing is the only sport that is indigenous to Colorado. What started as a tribute to the state's mining history has become an annual spectacle in which, every summer, super fit athletes and their hopefully well-trained and willing equine counterparts run long distances over Rocky Mountain passes. It’s as crazy as it sounds.