Cutter Race, Jackson WY, Weird and Wonderful Winter Sports in Jackson, WY

Weird and Wonderful Winter Sports in Jackson, WY

In a town where winter lasts close to six months and snowfalls are measured in feet rather than inches, the locals have become creative with their wintertime activities. Skiing and snowboarding are the first tier of snow-sports, but for those willing to look beyond their ski-passes, some truly quirky and wild activities can be found.

More Mo’ne, Please

Even though Davis made the front cover of the print magazine this week, the SI homepage has over 40 images and stories of male athletes featured, with only 4 images of women (one in a bikini, one reporter, one of Serena Williams, and one of Mo’ne towards the bottom of the page). 10x more male images, 20x more male athletes.
I demonstrate my sweet mountain biking attire with Steamboat Ski Resort in the background. Photo credit: Selena Thiele

The Steamboat Pentathlon

Let’s get one thing out of the way right now: this isn’t a story about winning. Instead, like all athletic pursuits that I engage in, this is a story about me enduring long enough and hard enough to collapse across the finish line.