I grew up on Syokimau Farm in Kenya, not far from the Ngong Hills. My mother and I lived in a converted chicken slaughterhouse on the former sisal plantation a...
Liz Moran: Educator, Activist

Liz Moran: Educator, Activist

WISER runs a school in a remote area of Kenya called Muhuru Bay. It started when one of the co-founders was doing research in the area, and she got a note under her door from a 14 year-old girl that said, “Should I stop having sex with the man who is paying my school fees? I’m afraid of getting AIDS.” Muhuru Bay is very remote. It is a fishing village, and there is a huge cycle of transactional sex, which has resulted in one of the highest rates of HIV in the country and really anywhere in Africa. We estimate that there is 38% HIV prevalence in Muhuru.