Meagan Long, Photographer

Meagan Long is a photographer and businesswoman working in New York City, whose work—usually featuring bold young women in urban spaces—can be found here at her site. “I think of myself mostly as a businesswoman,” she says, “because I am in...
zoi_Celebrating the Top - mountains in Ethiopia

Madelyn Zoi, Mountain Trekker

Zoi has been a traveling aficionado since her 20’s, but it wasn’t until her 50th birthday that she took what she calls her first “big, out-of-comfort- zone adventure,” –– a trek in the Himalayas from Lukla to Goyko Lakes to the base of Mo...
Belize. Photo: Matt Stirn

Rebecca Sgouros, Archaeologist

"Most people think that either we’re real-life Indiana Joneses scouring the most remote corners of the world for treasure, or that we study dinosaurs." In which Misadventures interviews an honest-to-goodness real-deal archaeologist

Ashley Lloyd, Surfboard Shaper

Ashley Lloyd Thompson is one of the few women in the world who shapes surfboards.  Her love for the ocean was nurtured by her mother, Elaine, and began at a young age in Malibu, surfing with brother, Tim. She naturally developed a life evolved aroun...