Book Review: Not That Kind of Girl

Book Review: Not That Kind of Girl

Largely based on the format of a how-to book she stumbled on at a thrift shop, Dunham’s essays in Not That Kind of Girl offer unexpected wisdom. The most impactful stories delve into what-not-to-dos, rather than to-dos. In an email to a once-boyfriend, Dunham wrote, “I’m sorry not to you, but in a deeper way, sorry for my brain chemistry and who I am.” There is humor in her revelations, but also the tragedy of a girl in all of her ferocity, denying her power.

Why Does Cheryl Strayed’s “Wild” Make Us Get Outside & Find Ourselves?

So the question arises – what is it about books like this that make us want to strap on our boots and find ourselves? Is it the desire to not only survive the way our ancestors did but gain considerable self-awareness after completing a similar journey? Is it an innate longing to get out of the day-to-day and do something we can talk about for the rest of our lives? Or is it just the simple idea of being completely enveloped in the alluring wild without protection of the modern world?

Summer Reading Recommendations: Part II

Spanning a short 192 pages, Angelou tells snippets of her life in a series of 28 essays and poems. Angelou was 81 years-old when when Letter to My Daughter was published. Her life experiences shine in this collection dedicated to “the thousands of daughters” that she has all around the world.